Crohn’s disease – Watercolour on board

Having begun my illustration career at Hornsey College of Art studying Scientific Illustration which included medical art. I continued onto St. Bartholomew’s Hospital to train under Professor Peter Cull on the MAA Postgraduate Medical Art Programme, studying medical art techniques and anatomy; upon qualifying led into a full time freelance career in medical and scientific illustration. Since completing this course (now some years ago!) I immediately become involved helping this medical art educational charity by becoming their Honorary Secretary and have since continued supporting this charitable trust Postgraduate Training Programme in Medical Art (MAET) and since becoming the Director of Education for the MAET Educational Trust in 2008, alongside continung being a freelance medical and scientific artist and illustrator.

I create illustrations in pencil, watercolour, Photoshop, Illustrator or carbon dust depending on the project requirement. Projects may be for patients, posters, medical information books or texts, for example Dorling Kindersley or specialised operative surgical texts and design publications.

Please note all illustrations shown here are subject to copyright restrictions.