Fox and the Moon ~ SOLD
‘The Fox and the Moon’ was exhibited as part of the Wild Surrey Exhibition held by the Surrey Wildlife Trust, exhibited at the Guildford House Gallery, Surrey. This appliqué artwork is made entirely from preloved and upcyled materials, sewn onto a block canvas. Size 30″ x 30″

African Memories a hand sewn appliqué commission created from African cloth within the shape of their family tortoise shell ~ SOLD

Aminita’s Hand sewn appliqué ~ SOLD

My love for nature has inspired me to create bold and colourful hand sewn appliqués of natural history subject, incorporating preloved materials, from cushion covers to scarves, shoe laces to bag handles, threads, beads and buttons, nothing goes to waste! For commissions or purchases please email via the Contact page.

Dragonflies ~ SOLD Autumn fungi ~ For Sale Ladybirds ~ SOLD

Adder and mini-beasts ~ Commission ~ SOLD

Swooping Swifts ~ Triptych each 12″ x 12″ ~ For Sale